NCPS 2023 Committee

Professor Akgun is a Professor of Public Health in Baskent University School of Medicine and St. John International University, Italy and USA with more than 30 plus years of strong experience in data management, statistical analyses, quality and accreditation in health care, patient safety and epidemiological studies including the assessment of burden of diseases and health and nutritional status indices. She is also a quality expert and serving Baskent University as their Chief Quality Officer for the 10 hospitals that belong to the University since 1997. During the past 8 plus years, Professor Akgun has been serving as a consultant in health sector reform projects, system assessments, and quality in health care, accreditation, gap analyses and performance measurements. The variety of research topics she has addressed with collaboration of several international technical supports demonstrates the wide scope of her interests in public health and her commitment to a comprehensive and holistic approach to health issues. She serves many European, Turkish and international organizations as their advisor on healthcare reform and on system assessment and monitoring. She led a number of projects in the Middle East and Mediterranean Region (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, and Turkey); Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) and Europe including projects supported by World Bank, EU and WHO on system reform and evaluation of alternative care delivery models and mechanisms, performance assessment, hospital surveying, patient care outcomes assessment, migrant health, burden of disease among many more such projects. She has also worked as an epidemiologist at WHO/EURO Health Care Policies office, responsible from Central Asian Republic countries and accumulated considerable experience performing data management, system assessment, capacity building and performance measurements of variety of healthcare facilities in Azerbaijan, Krygztan and Kazakhstan. She serves a number of European, Turkish and international organizations as their advisor on healthcare reform and system development, data management and evaluation and monitoring and delivered a number of workshops and seminars on quantitative research design, implementation and analysis, Burden of Disease methodology, quality in health care and accreditation, patient safety and performance improvement to multiple health professional groups in Azerbaijan, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Germany and some other countries. In her recent experience leading a country-wide project in Azerbaijan; Professor Akgun was able to develop a national quality system for health care facilities and completed a country-wide accreditation and licensing system. Professor Akgun completed much wider focus project for the Turkish Ministry of Health calculating the burden of 486 diseases and sequels on the economics of the healthcare system in the country in collaboration with the WHO. In this project, she was Director of Epidemiology Unit and performed World Health Survey, which was carried out in a representative sample of Turkey with 12,000 Households, verbal autopsy survey, secondary data collection and estimation of YLL, YLD and DALY measurements, risk factor analysis and projections. She has also PhD in Community Nutrition and been selected as an evaluator in 2000, to evaluate the proposals submitted in response to the call EU F5-F7 Frameworks, Food Quality and Safety, Public Health and Marie Curie by the European Union Commission and since then evaluating many EU projects under different topics. She completed a major project to assess and calculate the epidemiological and economic impact of Hepatitis B and C Viruses in Turkey with Turkish Ministry of Health and also completed a similar project on the epidemiological and economic impact of Hepatitis C Virus on healthcare systems in 16 Eastern European countries. She recently worked as a project manager for Oklahoma University, School of Public Health for the development of 5- years strategic plan for rural health development program, Al Gharbia Medical Region – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the year 2010. In this assignment she was responsible in capacity assessment and planning and performing full assessment on service delivery models and options and development of physician and staffing plans at all Western MR Facilities. She is also working as an adviser to Turkish Ministry of Health for the development of strategic planning on patient and employee safety and patient and family right issues. Dr. Akgün is also an experienced in;