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On behalf of the committee (NCPS 2021), We sincerely welcome you to participate at 2nd International Conference on Nursing Care and Patient Safety schedule from June 22-23, 2021 at Barcelona, Spain. The theme of the conference is “ Transforming Global Nursing Research through Innovation, Connections and Collaborations ” which aim to educate the attendees with the current challenges in healthcare, provide an insight on latest trends and to explore the future of patient safety and healthcare science.

Nursing is a noble healthcare profession aims to provide care to the patient, so they may attain or recover ideal health. Thus, Nursing Care and Patient Safety 2021 aim to provide an educational update to discuss ideas, research and challenges in patient safety and healthcare.

The NCPS 2021 scientific program will cover all the topics associated with the Nursing Education and Patient Safety. The program will cover the specialties and sub-specialties such as Nursing Care, Patient Safety and Risk management, Healthcare management, Primary Care, Adverse drug reactions and reporting, Blood safety, Factors associated with safety of patient, Infection control, Types of Nursing, Challenges in Patient Safety, Nursing Education & Research, Insights of Midwifery and Patient Care, Pediatric and Geriatric Safety and many more.

Attendees at NCPS 2021 will have the unique opportunity to meet with leaders of the Nursing and Healthcare profession from around the globe to discuss all the scientific and technical breakthroughs that are changing the landscape of patient care and fulfill their continuing education and professional development requirements.

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